Citrix XenServer Upgrade From 6.1 to 6.2

This weekend I’ve updated from 6.1 to 6.2. Here are the steps I took to do the upgrade.

  1. Make sure you have upgraded your licenses to 6.2 (May require login).  They have changed to a per socket structure, for us we have two sockets per server, and was able to upgrade without paying extra.  The upgrade will warning you if you don’t have the 6.2 license, but you can continue on… just make sure you’ve got the new 6.2 license is applied to your license server.
  2. Download the XenServer-6.2.0-install-cd.iso file (May require login)
  3. I uploaded the file to a physical linux web server not part of my Xen pool
  4. Create a directory called ‘xen’ in the root of your web site
  5. Mount the ISO as a loop device:
    sudo mount -o loop XenServer-6.2.0-install-cd.iso xen/
  6. Update XenCenter.msi to the latest version. After updating XenCenter, “About XenCenter” shows my version as “6.2 (build 1377)”
  7. Backup your XenServer Pool, ssh into your pool master and run this command.  Copy into your backups on a file server
    xe pool-dump-database file-name=xenpool.backup.20140510
  8. Disable HA
  9. Shutdown any unneeded VMs, this will decrease the time it takes to preform the upgrade
  10. To preform the upgrade, in XenCenter goto Tools -> Rolling Pool Upgrade
  11. Select your pool
  12. Select ‘Automatic Mode’
  13. Obey the rules of the pre-check
  14. Run the upgrade.  I had a few issues and had to restart the rolling upgrade, which didn’t seem like an issue.  My issues were mostly VMs loosing their VDIs, which can be fixed via this article.