Citrix XenServer Error: VDI is not Available

Error: Starting VM ” – The VDI is not available

So you’re now trying to boot a VM in XenServer but you are getting the error “VDI is not Available”. This means that VM crashed, Xen Host crashed, or something just bad happen. Either way you need your server back.

  1. Find the UUID of the VDI in question.
    xe vdi-list
  2. Note exactly what UUID maps to which drive is on your server.  This is going to remove the VDI from the VM so we can reattach it correctly.  So drive order does matter, you don’t want to switch an OS VDI with a data VDI.
    xe vdi-forget uuid=<VDI UUID we found in step 1>
  3. Open XenCenter and navigate to the SR with your VDI.  Hit rescan
  4. Now goto your VM with issues and attach the VDI via the storage tab
  5. Boot your VM

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